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I’m a painter that sings poems. The author Makoto Fujimura speaks to the creative’s role as stewards of Creation, and how we are to become "poets of Creation, to sing alongside the Creator over Creation." I like to think of my paintings as joining that chorus over humanity and the people Scripture says are "wonderfully made." Beyond the individual captured in a portrait or specific moment captured in a painting, I consider my work a participant in that celebration of life and Creation. If my painting can honor the deep value in people, capture their likeness and personality, as well as hold its own as a quality piece of art, then I've found meaningful satisfaction in my work. 


I paint a variety of subjects to stretch myself, but a piece of me comes alive in the pursuit of an accurate and expressive likeness. My goal in an expressive portrait painting is to usher people not just toward that subject’s personality, but also what they stood for or what their significance is to me. From prominent people in my life, figures from history, and even characters from pop culture - if they have left an imprint on my life I feel the pull to put them onto a canvas and pass it forward. When my art serves as an entrance into history or a tour guide into worlds of fiction, I score that as a win. 



Justin White graduated in 2006 from William and Mary as an Art and English double major. While his career path into ministry took him in a different direction, the itch to create never left. In 2023 he determined to take painting from an occasional escape to a focused habit. Along the way his work received recognition in Figure, Portrait, and Open competitions, numerous paintings displayed and sold at Darling x Dashing Boutique in Charlottesville, VA, and his portrait work was highlighted multiple times in Art&Color365’s publication as well as ArtFluent's online galleries.


Where work in ministry has allowed Justin to serve people, his art and portraiture unlocks a way of celebrating people. Put simply, his mission in art is to celebrate people- and more broadly- all of Creation. And a practical mission for the back end of 2024? To start producing prints and open up sales of those online, at Darling x Dashing, and at local festivals and events. So stay tuned!   



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